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Energomont possesses a highly skilled workforce, vast experience gained over decades of work in the field of audit of power transformer stations. In addition, Energomont has a very sophisticated measuring equipment that can detect any type of fault to prevent potential damage.

In the revision of the transformer stations a set of operations are included to verify the functionality of each work element which is located in the station, checking electrical quantities, and detection of irregularities so that it can be fixed in time.

Inspection of transformer stations include:

  • Visual inspection of the transformer station
  • Equipment check that is included in the transformer station
  • Validity check of all connections
  • Control of manipulation equipment and safety gear
  • Control equipment for fire protection

Control measurement of transformer stations include:

  • Measurement of ground resistance TS
  • Thermal imaging (This recording is carried out prior to the execution of audit, at the maximum possible load)
  • Measuring voltage drops at switchboard equipment in JSS 100A (In addition to measuring, we also do functional testing of each switching element individually)
  • Measurement of winding insulation resistance ET (Energy Transformer)
  • Measurement of dielectric penetration of transformer oil (This is a laboratory measurement, oil sample is taken on the ground, and measurements are carried out in laboratory)


Functional verification elements:

  • Validation of Buchholz relay on ET by checking exclusions executive element in the case of the same pickup
  • Check the operation of the contact thermometer to check the exclusions of ET with the actuating element in the case of the same pickup
  • Dimensioning check for protective element (KS Since current and overload) and checking the operation of the executive member
  • Checking the functionality of the other relay protection in SS
  • Checking functionality of the TP button


Since the revision of transformer stations is performed while the transformer is turned off, it is done with complete equipment and cleaning. In addition to cleaning, all equipment is checked mechanical safety equipment within TS as well as the mechanical state of the ET (check insulators, cable ties, state dehydrator, conditions conservators, balances oil drain valves, …).

After the audit of transformer stations, the documentation for the audit is made, and the same is sent to the investor upon completion.
In the case of a detected malfunction or fault during the revision of TS, Energomont provides debugging in the shortest time interval.

Energomont offers you highly qualified and professional knowledge, followed by many years of experience that enhances every moment and is lifted to a higher level, so that customers are fully satisfied with the professionalism and the service they received.


Behind us stands our trusted partners, both our clients as well as our suppliers and subcontractors. Our name is a symbol for quality. We offer our clients a partnership relationship, where they can fully rely on us.

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